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I grew up on a socially responsible diet of Band Aid (‘feed the world’), Body Shop (responsible and ethical beauty) and watching wars (Tripoli) and natural disasters happen on the television (Exon Valdez). Somewhere around the end of the 1990s, it seems to me that people stopped caring about the planet, and the people that lived on it, unless these people were living nearby. I had the pleasure of working for the United Nations for a period of time and was exposed first-hand to some of the problems such organizations face, particularly in the online environment. I am therefore going to write a series of guides which I hope will be useful to organizations that are struggling to come to terms with this new arena.  I would like to underline that there are many national and global organizations that have well developed online campaigns but these initiatives are usually found concentrated at the fundraising end of their work. What I am interested in is how organizations can leverage the online space to bring people closer to events happening on the other side of the world, in a way that makes them care enough to do something about it. That’s not just about making a donation, that’s about telling their friends and affecting the views of people around them.

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